Knee Pain Treatment


Knee pain is one of the most common areas that physiotherapy focuses on, and our physios have years of experience in treating knee injuries. We see a variety of knee injuries, from tendon, ligament, and joint damage to acute injuries such as twists and sprains to chronic issues built up over the years.

Whether you’re suffering from a sports injury or pain resulting from general activity or age, we have the expertise necessary to help.

What Knee Injuries we Treat:

No matter what your injury, we treat all kinds of knee pain, including:

  • Acute, mild, and chronic pain
    • Whether you’re feeling a slight twinge or you find it difficult to walk, we’re committed to treating the full range of knee injuries
  • Surgery prehab
    • On some occasions, an ACL is too swollen for surgery. Our surgery prehab will help to prepare your knee for surgery.
  • Surgery rehab
    • Post-surgery, we’ll help to get your knee back up to full strength
  • Runner’s knee
    • Helping knees that suffer from overuse or misalignment to recover and gain strength

How we Treat Knee Pain and Injuries:

The first step in treating knee injuries is a full physical examination, where the injured area is fully assessed so that we can determine the cause and type of injury. We’ll also delve into your history to see if you have any past injuries, and what kind of pressure is put onto your knees on a regular basis.

Once we’ve determined the cause of your injury, we’ll develop a personalised treatment plan for you in our customised facility, and ensure that you’re fully educated on what needs to be done to gain a full recovery.

The rate of your recovery will depend on the type of injury you have sustained. Once our assessment has been completed and your customised treatment plan has been designed, we’ll be able to give you an accurate time estimate.

Knee Pain Treatment Stages:

  • Range of motion rehab
    • Recover the movement of your knee, safely restoring it to full range of motion.
  • Progressive muscle strengthening
    • Specific exercises are prescribed to strengthen your knee.
  • Proprioception (balance training)
    • Restore the important balance system for your injured leg.
  • Activity training
    • Prepare you and your body to get back to it – whatever your activities are!
  • Education and Home Rehab/Exercises
    • We provide you with the knowledge and techniques to continue your recovery at home and avoid injuries in the future.

Some of our Knee Treatment Methods:

Physical Rehabilitation
Dry Needling

Continuing Recovery:

We’ll be with you from start to finish, helping to get you moving as quickly and safely as we can. We’ll also make sure to educate you along the way, giving you the knowledge you need to continue your recovery and avoid further injuries in the future.

Are you suffering from a sports injury? We’re well experienced in treating athletes, and can advise you on the best ways to prevent injury while training, and how you can continue with training while being treated.

We want you to heal as quickly and completely as possible, which is why we take into account your lifestyle, hobbies, and previous injuries before we decide on a course of treatment, and why you can count on us to refer you to any doctors, surgeons, or sports specialists that you might need.

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