Orthopaedic Rehabilitation is a form of physical therapy that benefits a wide variety of conditions that result in loss of mobility ,pain and weakness. It is essential for proper recovery from many common injuries and surgeries, and should include careful assessment and one-on-one care.

Morley Physiotherapy provides an expert Orthopaedic Rehabilitation service. Our highly-trained therapists and purpose-built facility – inclusive of rehab gym and Pilates Studio – allow us to provide premium treatment and exercise prescription for every patient. We focus on patient-therapist continuity, individual attention, and providing tailored treatments and reconditioning programs that maximise value and ensure successful recovery during and after rehabilitation.

Staff at Morley Physiotherapy treats a wide range of injuries, conditions and surgerical cases including but not limited to:

Injuries and Conditions

Post-Surgery Care and Rehabilitation

  • Joint Surgery for the hip,shoulder,knee and ankle including joint replacements and ligament reconstructions.
  • Spinal Surgery for the neck and low back problems.

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