The shoulder joint is one of the most mobile joints in the body, making it fairly unstable and susceptible to injury.

Shoulder pain can affect not only the shoulder, but areas around the joint and down the arm. While shoulder problems often present themselves as a sharp pain, symptoms can include stiffness and restricted movement, and are often associated with musculo-articular dysfunction in the neck.

Treatment For Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain can be extremely painful, so the first step to getting you better is to relieve the pain caused by inflammation. From there we will assess the best way forward for your recovery, using effective and innovative treatments to create a long-term solution for your shoulder pain.

Common shoulder conditions seen in the clinic include Shoulder Bursitis, Rotator Cuff injuries (including Tendonitis, Strains and Tears).

Treatment can start with immediate techniques including specific joint and soft tissue mobilisations, massage, electrotherapy, shoulder exercises and application of cold ice packs. In extreme cases, injections or surgery for recurrent or chronic injuries may be the only option. Whatever the case or severity, we are prepared to assess, diagnose and provide appropriate treatment to assist your recovery and maximise your performance.

The team at Morley Physiotherapy Centre are highly experienced in treating all forms of musculoskeletal pain and injury, including the shoulder and upper back.

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