How to Prevent and Treat Tennis Elbow | Morley Physio
How to Prevent and Treat Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is a common condition that occurs due to repetitive strain on the muscles and tendons in the outer aspect of the elbow. Activities such as playing tennis, gardening, and using scissors or hand tools can cause tennis elbow. This article explores...

Preventing overuse injuries in growing populations | Morley Physio
Preventing Overuse Injuries in Growing Populations

Overuse injuries are becoming increasingly common, especially among young athletes. These injuries occur due to repetitive strain on the body and can be difficult to spot until they become severe. This is particularly problematic when young people are...

How to get your steps in while working from home
How to Get your Steps in While Working from Home

Working from home has its advantages, but if you are finding missing the commute means you are spending nearly all day indoors, chances are, your average number of daily steps will be drastically reduced, which can impact your health and wellbeing. Luckily,...

Can getting my steps in help with my neck pain
Can Getting my Steps in Help with My Neck Pain?

If you are in discomfort from neck pain, you might think complete rest is the best answer. However, often, movement is a key part of recovery.

Get Assessed

Firstly, with any injury or discomfort, it is important to get the assessment and diagnosis...

Preparing for winter sports
Preparing for winter sports

Winter Sports
It is nearly time for winter sports to start again, so it is important to prepare to avoid injuries. Before your chosen winter sport season begins, consider the following: 
Pre-season check-up
Do you have any pre-existing ailments? Or...

Are you having “bed” neck?

If you experience neck pain in bed at night or in the mornings upon rising, have you considered that your pillow might be causing (or exasperating) the problem? Many of us will happily pay thousands of dollars for a mattress but give little thought to...

Safely exercising after giving birth

A woman’s body goes through some big changes during pregnancy, and many new mothers look forward to getting back to exercise as part of their postnatal wellbeing. However, it is important to follow the advice of your health practitioner to ensure a...

Back pain from cycling - tips and treatments
Back pain from cycling – tips and treatments

It only takes one look at the standard riding posture of a road cyclist - recreational, amateur or professional - to see why back pain is common to the sport. As long as their hands are on the handlebars, cyclists are bent over. Add the constant, endurance-type...

5 tips to help you recover from ACL surgery
5 tips to help you recover from ACL surgery

Australia has the highest reported rates of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury in the world, and the rate has risen 70 percent in under 25s over the last 15 years, according to Australian research.

So if you’ve had an ACL injury and now require...