Can getting my steps in help with my neck pain

If you are in discomfort from neck pain, you might think complete rest is the best answer. However, often, movement is a key part of recovery.

Get Assessed

Firstly, with any injury or discomfort, it is important to get the assessment and diagnosis of a medical professional. If you are suffering from neck pain, see a physiotherapist, who will be able to assess and tailor a treatment program for you. If the physio recommends gentle exercise, such as walking as part of your treatment, it could be for various reasons:

Your neck muscles need working too

How many exercises can you think of that work your neck? If you were stumped after some simple neck stretches you wouldn’t be the only person struggling to think of neck exercises. However, most activities contribute to conditioning the neck, after all, how often is your neck completely still unless you are in a sedentary position staring at a screen? A gentle exercise like walking really is for the ‘whole body’.

Walking is low impact

Being sedentary is not a good choice for a person’s health and fitness, so in the case of pain or discomfort, a physio or other medical professional may recommend a low impact exercise as part of a treatment plan. When it comes to low impact, you just can’t go past walking; it is simple, it is free and you can do it anywhere.

Regular exercise improves posture

Regular exercise (such as walking) and stretching can improve posture – and you just have to slouch in front of your computer to feel the impact poor posture can have on your neck, shoulders and back. It’s a great opportunity to do a check on your posture while you walk. If you check and you find you are not standing straight, tightening your core and you are slouched, check with your physiotherapist for advice, as this simple change may make a difference to neck pain.

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